Climate Change, And Why You Should Give A Damn

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Human caused climate change was accepted as reality by over 97% of all the specialist climate Scientists on the planet. Tens of thousands of the scientists have researched and studied and hypothesised and tested and argued about the topic two decades, and the overwhelming consensus of climate change has been arrived at from many many different directions.

The process for the world scientists arriving at this 97% consensus is exactly the same is the process used for any other science where there is near unanimous consent,  and is called the scientific method. In the end the process means that hypotheses have been tested many times over, scientific papers have been written in peer reviewed, and only after passing  successfully through the peer review process is a particular hypothesis for science accepted as scientific wisdom.

Only a small percent of the population truly understand how the scientific process works, and of the remainder of the population a significant percentage believe they have the scientific knowledge to disagree with science consensus, largely because we can senses may not agree with their own worldview, or maybe very inconvenient for them. This is intellectual dishonesty at it’s worst, but unfortunately only the scientists, the science community and a percentage of the overall community actually understand this clearly. More unfortunately, a number of senior politicians have this anti-science view, and have managed to get themselves in positions of power and have successfully suppressed the science.

This anti science attitude from those in power has existed for centuries, and famous scientists in the past have lost their lives for announcing a scientific Discovery that didn’t meet with the views of those in power, such as Discovery that the Earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around.

The tragedy in the modern times is that powerful politicians who are rejecting the science of climate change doing this for their own selfish reasons, but our risking the lives of their children great grandchildren and great grandchildren in the process. The earth is at a tipping Point as far as disastrous climate change is concerned, and will warm catastrophically  over the next few decades unless men kind can stop using fossil fuels and pouring CO2 into the atmosphere. For those who understand and appreciate the science, the prospect is truly terrifying.